On my way….

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 1:48pm


Delyth Thomas is now in the building….

So, here I am sitting on a train on the way to Sheffield to the Children’s Media Conference. It’s cool and grey and the train is full of snotty business folk on their laptops – that includes myself, but it’s hayfever causing the snottiness in my case rather than a psychotic need to have 4 seats to myself when 2 will do.

I’m both energised – its my first time at the CMC and nervous- first time blogger. Hey nothing like getting pushed out of your comfort zone…Apropos comfort zone, I recently visited a couple of London schools to talk about Tati’s Hotel, a live action series aimed at 4-7yr olds that I recently directed.

As it’s an age group for whom there is very little live action drama on TV, nor an age group I’ve worked with/for before, I’ve been road testing the show with my friend’s children and latterly in their schools.  With no brain/mouth filter function I found the kids refreshingly (and brutally) honest, but I’d be lying if I didn’t ‘fess up to finding working on set with children so much less scary than speaking to 60 5-7year olds.

It’s also a bit hard on the knees  – the kneeling on the floor thing that is… Luckily the show’s gone down a storm thus far, so I’ve been spared the verbal battering a 5 year old can dole out.

What the Tati’s Hotel experience has done, is to fuel my enthusiasm for making intelligent, funny, aspirational content for children of all ages and reinforced my belief that it’s hugely important to offer up material that can challenge, entertain, and is not afraid to take the odd risk.