Finger painting…..

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 2:17pm


Christina Boonstra is one of the bloggers, and is applying for the MA in Children’s Media.

Looking at the line up of speakers and seminars at this years conference, it is becoming pretty evident that this year is all about crossing boundaries, about media mixing, working together, and seeing what can come out of it. What I’m looking forward to most this week, is the chance to get my hands dirty, the chance to collaborate with people from totally different backgrounds and specialities, to have a bit of fun trying out new things, and seeing what we can make together.

Have you ever had a go at finger painting? Possibly the messiest way to paint, and possibly the most fun. I remember once at school, working on a group project, where we had to paint a huge picture together, with only our finger as brushes, it was great.

I’m quickly learning that this is no clean profession. Children’s media isn’t about outlining things in black marker pen, it’s about breaking through the lines. Maybe a little like finger painting, each collaborator leaves a different impression on the canvas, each colour mixes slightly at the edges, overlapping to create completely new colours.

I recently heard about a film created with the help of thousands of children, The Itch of the Golden Nit (Tate Movie Project). It’s the first of its kind, and is said to have been created by children, for children. But I can’t help thinking that this production wasn’t just created by one generation, it was through working with people across different generations which has resulted in such a unique film. More than ever before we are seeing that collaboration is the key to exploring new ways of doing media.

So, now’s the time to role up your sleeves and plan to get a little messy. Never before has there been such an opportunity to become apart of exploring the possibilities of creating multi-platform content, for a generation unlike any other. So lets get our hands dirty, and make a picture that has no straight lines, and no single colours, it may be messy, but we will undoubtedly create something the world has not seen before. For no two finger paintings can ever be the same, and it this uniqueness that must mark new content in the world of children’s media.