Can’t think of a title – so I’ll call it “This”.

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 1:16pm


Jayne Kirkham is now in the building and has sent “THIS.”

What’s that distant rumble – thunder? It’s the sound of wheelie suitcases grundling towards the Showroom cinema as the children’s media world gathers for its annual conference.  Grundle is my own word by the way.  The cessation of grundling followed by the screech of breaks and an unpleasant thud is the sound of a children’s media person stopping in the middle of the road to read the enormous text on the Hallam University and getting hit by a bus.  Never read the writing on the wall. Take care dear delegate or your lovely new business cards will scatter on the breeze and you’ll be networking with the angels.  But then again, we’ve come to work some heavenly deals.   If there’s a 52 part series in it, I’ll send you a writing sample.