Blogger biog. 4

Posted on: Monday 27 June 2011 10:28pm

Here is the fourth installment of  ’meet the bloggers.’ 

Francesca Morosi.  

Academic researcher (Nottingham Trent University)and writer.

Francesca is an academic researcher with previous background in consultancy. Her main research interests lie in the areas of Marketing Ethics and Consumer Behaviour, with particular reference to media, advertising and children.

Her doctoral research is exploring the impact of advertising and media on young girl’s gender construction. In particular she’s looking into how pre-adolescent girls respond and interact with ideals of femininity presented in current advertising messages, through a child-lead, in-depth and qualitative approach. 

She has always enjoyed writing and she continues to do so as a sideline: she writes extensively on the internet and she has published two children books in UK (in partnership with Casa Alianza –a charity supporting street children in Mexico) and a poetry book in Italian (her native language, as she’s originally from Rome). 

In her free time Francesca is simply an “all nature & outdoor freak”: she escapes the town and spends recharging moments with her family, her partner and her 8 years old son.