First blogger’s biog.

Posted on: Wednesday 22 June 2011 9:55pm

Here is the first biog. from one of the team who will be blogging at the CMC.

Please read through the biogs as they pop up over the next week, and say hello to the team at the conference. They will be either at the bar (working, possibly), The Creative Lounge, or of course in one of the sessions.


Here’s a bit About Jayne Kirkham (by Jayne Kirkham).

Jayne took up writing at the age of three with a blue crayon on the front por

ch.  It is still her favourite style.  Having spent much of her life working with young people, Jayne began writing professionally in 2000. She now lectures in screenwriting at the Northern Film School and has acted as script consultant on a number of films including American independent feature ‘The Deadline.’  Her work has been broadcast on radio, television, screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival and been BIFA nominated.


Jayne’s writing is imaginative and adventurous, bringing warmth and heart to tough thematic content and putting the ‘art back in fart.’  As an outlet for said warm farty content, she co-founded animation company Brown & Sticky Productions with animator Sarah Bird.  However, most recently she has been working on the first feature film to receive funding under the Welcome Foundation’s Sciart scheme: adapting Ann Kelley’s “Gussie” novels into a live action feature for Artemisia Films Ltd.

Jayne is the Children’s Rep on the executive council of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and an executive committee member of Save Kids’ TV, on whose behalf she lobbied for and now administrates the new All Party Parliamentary Group for Children’s Media and The Arts.

When not writing, Jayne works as a youth activity worker and paddle sport coach.  She has worked with school groups, the Scout Association, her local council, young offenders and children with special educational needs, encouraging each person to experience fun, excitement and a sense of achievement through outdoor challenges.

She has 4 star certificates in Canoe and Kayak and a 5 star in Raucous Laughter!