We’re Getting Animated…

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2011 11:14pm

How cool is this? A crazy animated promo for the CMC devised and created by our friends at Animated Yorkshire. It’s a big collaboration and carries several of the animation styles you’ll see at the Conference in our introductory interstitials. Big thanks to everyone who made this happen and to Animated Yorkshire.

Main Content Inline Small

It epitomises how the CMC is still your conference. We always say it’s put together “by the industry, for the industry” and it couldn’t be more true. We’re indebted to our sponsors  who represent every sector of the industry at all levels, the Advisory Committee of 24 individuals who work all year round to build the content, over 30 volunteer producers working on individual sessions, a team of bloggers who report it (last year’s team pictured), and an army of student volunteers who make the whole thing happen.

Say hello to them all in Sheffield at our three-day dysfunctional family get-together!