Location. Location, Location

Posted on: Saturday 11 June 2011 10:56am

One of the amazing things about running events nowadays is the power of the registration and  management software to show you things you could never have hoped to understand so clearly in the past.

I drop into the registration system every so often, not just to check on ticket sales (though that is always  heartening) but to check out who is coming, which sections of the industry they are from and to try to figure out for the session producers where their interests might lie.

But the fun bits of Eventbrite are things like the whizzy charts and a great section which lets you track registrations on a world map.  That’s a real revelation, and literally symbolic of how widespread the interest and enthusiasm for CMC has become.  We’ll still be thoroughly UK-focused – no question of that (though we’ve always welcomed delegates from Ireland and this year the map shows large numbers attending, partly thanks to an Enterprise Ireland initiative) but the spread on the map is fascinating.  

Bangkok, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires,Chicago, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Lagoa in Portugal, Helsinki, Paris, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Seoul, Toronto, Truro (the Canadian one), and of course a range of places in China – courtesy of the Delegation organised by UK Trade and investment – they all feature.

At the CMC we want to bring delegates the best business opportunities as well as creative inspiration.  In an increasingly global market the connections we help you make will become more and more important.  While we don’t see the CMC as a market and certainly intend to maintain the open, inclusive atmosphere, free-flow of information and collaborative exchange of experience we’ve built over the last 8 years, we also recognise that opportunities to meet, network, compare and share are in essence a “pre-market” – a time and place to prepare for the creative business ahead.

We hope you find value in the CMC this year, but most of all we hope you enjoy it.

See you in Sheffield – 6th – 8th July!

Greg Childs
Editorial Director
The Children’s Media Conference