Turner channels want in on the live action

Posted on: Sunday 11 July 2010 6:39pm

From Broadcast – 8th July 2010 – by Will Strauss

Turner Broadcasting’s new chief content officer, Michael Carrington, is making the inclusion of live-action programming a priority for his predominantly animation based channels Boomerang and Cartoon NMichael Carrington CMC 2010. (Photo credit: Jennifer Booth: jennifermargaretbooth@googlemail.com)etwork.

The former CBeebies controller told delegates at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield that Turner had “evolved to a point where the viewers expect live action”.

“We’re just entering this world. Gameshows sound a bit dull to us, but boy-skewed live-action comedy we’re desperate for, especially things we can fast track.”

Carrington said he was “talking 26 x 30-minute shows” and highlighted classic Australian children’s comedy Round The Twist as the type of series he would like to emulate. He also pinpointed Total Wipeout and Prank Patrol as live-action shows that would suit his channels.

Carrington acknowledged that comedy shows would need to fit the broadcaster’s pan-European remit. “We have to connect to European kids and one way is comedy,” he said.

“Benny Hill, Mr Bean, Charlie Chaplin. That sense of humour works across all territories. That’s the challenge.”

In general, Boomerang is looking for “fun, entertaining and exciting” programming, including classic cartoons and new content for its Safe Zone.

Cartoon Network is after shows that are “funny, energetic, adventurous and clever”.

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