The Crossover Pitch

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 12:32pm

The Crossover Pitch Broadcasters, platform owners and funders compete to carry the Crossover Workshop’s best ideas. Moderator: Marc Goodchild, Editorial Lead, @North project, BBC North Speakers:The Crossover Pitch Panel CMC 2010 (photo: Jennifer Booth: Julie Adair, Director, Content Creation and Production , Disney Online, EMEA Julie Meyer, CEO , Ariadne Capital Christopher Skala, SVP Original Programming, HIT Entertainment After a day of development, the three ideas from Wednesday’s crossover workshop, Fitbot and Fatbot, Freshers and Language Star were pitched to our three ‘dragons’, not in their den – it was more like a cave with up-lighters, carpet and velour seats. The dragons were not there to comment on the creative bits but the economics – they had to consider making the project turn a profit… Oh it’s too late and I’m too knackered to give you a deep and meaningful report on how the different projects evolved.All you need to know is that the three digital agencies – Magnetic North, Amaze and Dolphin each did magnificent jobs in less than 48 hours to turn the three initial ideas into three brands that were worth buying into. Fitbot and Fatbot became ‘Fitbot’ – a brilliant healthy eating app for your iPhone. Freshers. became ‘Insiders’ about moving from primary to big school and Language Star became ‘Lingo Star’ – teaching new languages to kids by kids from across the world. The feedback was fabulous but everyone was reminded that you only get a 6 month window to prove your instinct is justified. And you must make sure your idea can create a ‘global win’ situation – in that everyone that invests in it, from big corporates to the parents shelling out their hard-earned get something from it.Oh. and it has to be ‘sticky’.Nice. I was disappointed that we ran out of time to choose our favourite – I thought all I had to do for this session was write “And the winner is…” But no. And now I regret not taking better notes….