New Decade, New Challenges

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 6:27pm

The Conference Closing Session

Introduced By: Steve Wynne, Joint Managing Director, Rival Media


Anne Brogan, Director, Kindle Entertainment

Marc Goodchild, Editorial Lead, @North project, BBC North

Tim Wright, Director, XPT Ltd

So…after two and a half busy days of conferencing, networking and children’s media-ing — which had left many exhausted (yet still excited), it was time for the final session, “New Decade, New Challenges”.

And maybe this was one of those times when you just had to be there…

How else can a simple blog like this even begin to explain the random shouts of “cabbages” and “sprouts” from the delegates – some of whom may well have spent a wee bit too long in the Sheffield sun.

Host Steve Wynne asked his captive audience to imagine they’d been transported (through some mysteriously unexplained time machinery of unknown origin) 10 years into the future. To the 2020 Children’s Media Conference to be exact – (wonder how much registration will cost then?)

First, we watched a brilliantly produced short film from the fine folks at Bold Creative, featuring ‘future’ delegates – who surprisingly hadn’t aged a bit. They shared their thoughts on what the children’s media landscape could look like ten years from now.

Here are a few of the predictions…

Yoga toilets
Media that is available anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
A robot that can be anything you want and it’s a TV as well.
Rise of “kid power”
A business world where kids are on the boards of all major corporations
Voting age lowered to 11
A new, kid-run parliament, where the adult MP’s must compete in games to enter Westminster/’The Mad House’
An economy based on points kids earn for watching telly
All the dogs are kept in fridges
First ascent of Mt Everest by unsupervised toddlers
Personal freedom, control over their own personal information and opportunity for adventure
Kids in charge of TV, massive increase in Family Guy viewings
An international sofa watching competition
Virtual classrooms and virtual teachers
An unfortunate PR disaster when Google TV accidentally offers ‘CBoobies’ programming to preschool kids everywhere

NB – Only two of the above were suggested by *actual* children…

The session ended with a bit of extra excitement: Greg Childs presented Steve Wynne with the Prix Jeunesse Children’s Jury Prize for non-fiction; a lovely golden rubber elephant trophy – for his programme The Shrinks, made for RTE.

And that’s basically it – for another year at least. What a conference! We’ve had a record number of delegates, an ‘A’ list cast of speakers, 198 pizzas, more than a thousand packets of crisps and…Ahem…a cracking team of bloggers….

Now, in the words of Anna Home, the conference chair:

“Thank you all for making the first Children’s Media Conference a success, we hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next year”!