Express Yourself!

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 5:57am

The opening day of this year’s CMC ended in the traditional way with an evening of food and wine at Pizza Express on Devonshire Street, the very place where the conference was first hatched some 7 years ago. It was all quite respectable – with no fights and no-one getting too drunk (though some were well on their way)! It was the perfect setting for catching up with old friends and making new ones.

After an afternoon packed with workshops, the conference attendees were hungry to say the least and this blog can exclusively reveal that a massive 198 pizzas were quickly polished off!

The added treat was that Henry Winkler came too – it’s not often you get the chance to say you had dinner with the Fonz….Pizza Express may never be the same again! Earlier in the day Henry had given an inspiring opening speech where he stressed the importance of ‘living your dream’ and encouraged others to do the same. He talked about how he’d always wanted to be an actor and how he was delighted that he’d managed to do just that.

Inspired by this, the CMC blog decided to take a little poll of the pizza eaters… we asked a random selection of 100 delegates if they were now working in the career they’d aspired to when they were younger.

Surprisingly, two-thirds said yes – as teenagers, they’d wanted to work with children, or in a related industry.One-third said they had envisaged an entirely different career for themselves -firemen, spacemen, lollypop ladies, actors and accountants were some of the childhood preferences of this lot! However, they’re all mighty happy they discovered the world of children’s media. Two researchers we spoke to said they had always wanted to become children’s writers, and after hearing Henry’s comments, were now inspired to follow their dream! Good luck to them.

The evening was a perfect way to end day one of the conference and set the mood perfectly for an enjoyable 2 days to come.

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