Wednesday Workshop – Crossover Kids & Tech

Posted on: Wednesday 30 June 2010 1:45pm

The unique Crossover Lab technique allows diverese groups to speed-develop ideas. In this case projects which could “make an impact” on UK Kids’ lives.

Host: Frank Boyd – Director, Unexpected Media

Using media for good was the main aim of this workshop, which brought together a range of people from different media backgrounds. Over the course of the afternoon,we would identify and show how to meet the needs of young people in the emerging digital media ecology.

We were divided into groups of 4, given a brief and ninety minutes to work an idea up into a 3 minute presentation. My group made me do the presentation. There had better be beer…You can read about the panel in the programme but here are some of the ideas that struck me:

-This new media world is not just about new ideas for new platforms: great ideas can be ones that find new ways to use old technology.

-Kids love touch screen – it is totally intuitive and accessible for them.“There is a big cognitive leap with the Mouse.” (Nothing to do with Disney).

-Surface tables are going to increase.

-It’s not about the technology but maximising the experience.Put the person first, technology second.

Given a one page brief we developed our ideas, working up issues that we felt drawn to, identifying potential audiences and all that stuff. We were then given three questions to test our idea against:

What’s the need you’re trying to meet

What’s the approach to meeting that need

What are the benefits?

Useful stuff. After much drinking of water and mulling and pondering and getting a bit excited and then not and then getting excited again… each group gave their presentation. (Frank was very strict on timing, but he left it to his phone to be fierce. Frank was just the perfect host).

As you’d expect from a room of brilliantly talented people, there was a range of ideas covering issues like teen angst, obesity, emotional well being, changing schools. The ideas used different platforms such as traditional animated TV, bluetooth, mobile apps, social networking. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose three to work on, partly because the panelists will now Dragons’ Den stuff), but mainly because the ideas were all of a pretty high calibre.

The panelists chose the three finalists using the following criteria:

Did it meet an unmet need?

Would they be able to sell it?

Was it creative?

Was it feasible?

Again, useful. The three ideas chosen were Language Star, Freshers, and Fitbot & Fatbot. For now the names will have to be enough.

To find out more, go to the session The Crossover Pitch on Friday at 3pm or stay tuned to our blog…

Mentors: Marc Goodchild BBC @North Project; Pete Davies, Dream Machine Media; John Kent, CBeebies Interactive

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