Let the Show Begin

Posted on: Wednesday 30 June 2010 6:37am

“Ding Dong Ding…. The 2.55 train from London St. Pancras to Sheffield is about to depart”. Damn! I’ll need to run if I want to catch that. Why did I have to plan so many meetings on the same day? But what else could I do? Had to pack on as many meetings as I could before leaving. The prospect of being away from London for 3.5 days has put me into panic mode!

As an emerging author, publisher, storyteller and festival director, my life revolves around meetings… usually in coffee bars or pubs in Central London (those that have free wifi of course). I meet authors, illustrators, school teachers, librarians and all other sorts of interesting people. I run a small independent publishing house called ‘Saadhak Books’ which makes children’s picture books of Indian folktales and fables. I am also Director of the inaugural ‘South Asian Literature Festival’ in London this October. The back-to-back meetings from 10am till 10pm have become a habit – and to leave all this and make Sheffield home for a few days is certainly not my normal kind of behaviour!

However, the prospect of attending the CMC was too good to give up. The talks and workshops look amazing. The lists of speakers and delegates look pretty impressive. The prospect of meeting The Fonz is worth missing a few meetings for sure! The opportunity to spend time with like-minded creative people who share the passion for Children’s media doesn’t come about every day.

So I’m glad I frantically ran the length of St. Pancras station and made it on the train and I’m glad to be in Sheffield (my first visit). Hope to meet and engage with as many of you folks as possible. Let the show begin!

Bhavit Mehta

regular 2010