First blog!

Posted on: Tuesday 29 June 2010 5:09am


This is a little like the first day of university when you have to introduce yourself with just a hint of awkwardness, and desperately (in my case) try to think of something interesting you’ve done recently.

So, as the reference to university would suggest, I’m doing a PhD in our favourite subject, children’s media. Preschool TV to be exact, and the Northern Irish version of Sesame Street (Sesame Tree) to be even more precise. (And there’s another bit of info – I’m from Northern Ireland.) As well as the sessions on young children, I’m most looking forward to hearing Henry Winkler’s keynote! Everyone I know has been told, “I’m meeting the Fonz!”

I’m off to get organised for the following couple of days – packing clothes, changing my funny Northern Irish money into Bank of England notes, and think of that interesting thing to say about myself…

Look forward to meeting you all!


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