Right Then!

Posted on: Monday 28 June 2010 6:38pm

Here we go! Another excellent programme of discussions, debates, presentations and … Stuff to do with children’s media. I love it. Not sure what I’m looking forward to most. There’s a lovely old fashioned sweete shoppe in Oban with jars and jars full of pear drops and gob stoppers and fruit salads and shrimps and this year’s programme is a bit like that. Not as sticky though. But if you see someone pressing their nose up against the window, you’ll know that’s me and you’ll know it’s Thursday and I’ve had far too much fun (and wine) at Pizza Express the night before and can’t find the way into the building.

Once I’ve sorted out the elementaries and proudly have a name badge (I don’t get out much), I’m particularly looking forward to the session Reform or Revolution: A new blueprint for Children’s Media. I truly hope that we can come away with, if not a complete blueprint, but certainly a positive direction for people to move in as we seek to serve our audience.

And after that? The session on The Growth of Manga – Looking forward to reading from right to left. And after that? … I refer you back to the sweete shoppe in Oban. But here, thanks to the blogs, I will be able to have a taste of all the sessions. At this year’s CMC, I can have my lolly and lick it.

Jayne Kirkham