At last!! A programme for the conference

Posted on: Monday 07 June 2010 7:59pm

We wanted it to be “just perfect” but today we’ve finally gone public with the Conference schedule. It was worth waiting for. Over 30 sessions, 5 research sessions, 5 commissioner sessions, 4 pre-conference workshops – I sometimes wonder how we pack it all in.

It’s come together really well thanks to the brilliant efforts of our secret army of volunteer producers and their helpmates the gnomes of the Advisory Committee. The Conference remains as it always was – “by the indstry for the industry”. Though now we cover a whole range of industries dedicated to kids’ content.

But time is running out to book some key benefits. The Pizza Express supper on Wednesday 30th is selling fast and the Pre-Conference workshops are booking up too. Once again the Co-pro Clinic is proving popular and this second week of June represents the last chance for people to send their project ideas for possible development by the great team of experts we gather and the otherf workshop particpants, whchi is then pitched to our international panel at the end of the 4 hour session. We select six projects. It’s not essential to send one to benefit from the workshop experience, but if you have something with co-production potential it might be worth sending a one-pager to Greg for consideration bythe workshop team. Don’t forget to book up for the workshop of your choice anyway.

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