Juliet Tzabar

Brighton Zoo

Managing Director

Juliet Tzabar
Juliet’s career in media spans over 25 years.  Following an early career in the art department of television dramas, Juliet moved into digital media in 2000, where she specialised in delivering interactive projects with a broadcast tie-in and a focus on the children and families audience.
Juliet joined Plug-in Media in 2007 and as CEO led the company’s growth and success over many years, establishing it as one of the UK’s leading digital production companies, working across animation and games, and the winner of multiple awards, including 5 BAFTAs.
As well as managing the company day-to-day, she takes an Executive Producer role on many of its projects, including the BAFTA-winning games: Big and Small, Zingzillas, Get Well Soon Hospital and the short animation, Help Our Little World.
Since 2013 Juliet has been leading the company’s original IP strategy, driving the ‘digital-first’ success of Tee and Mo, from 10 web games via short-form content, to two animated TV series, with a Youtube channel that has amassed over 350 million views. 
Recently she has been Executive Producer of Supertato for CBeebies and driving forward a joint venture with Blue Zoo to build a hub for animation on the South Coast, Brighton Zoo.