The CMC is the only gathering in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids – on all platforms. We welcome delegates from film, TV, radio, interactive media, games, licensing, toys, book and magazine publishing, the arts and culture sector and educational media  – with speakers from all those areas and beyond. It’s the only time when delegates from across the whole industry get together and it’s the best and most cost-effective way of meeting people to share insights and information relevant to your business.

To find out why delegates find the CMC and its related events useful (and fun) take a look at “What has the CMC ever done for me?”

CMC’s content and speakers provide a unique resource for the Children’s media industry in the UK and beyond. Details of all previous conferences and related events can be found here, including video and podcasts of complete sessions from past conferences.

The CMC welcomes a unique group of speakers to add a younger perspective to the Conference each year.  The CMC Changemakers are young achievers and activists with something to say of relevance to children’s media professionals.


In 2004 people in the kids’ media industry came together to organise the first Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference. The idea was to create an annual meeting place that would explore all the new and future developments in kids’ media and would also foster creative and business links through networking. The Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference was originally organised as part of the Sheffield-based Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival.

In 2010 the conference was re-branded under the auspices of a new not-for-profit organisation. The organisation and conference are both now called The Children’s Media Conference.

The 16th conference in 2019 welcomed 1,250 delegates from across the children’s industries – and from a range of countries worldwide as the CMC’s international profile grows. Our annual get-together in July continues to offer all the aspects delegates like: great content, great networking opportunities, creative and practical information on how to help businesses survive and thrive – plus opportunities to meet buyers, potential business partners or clients.