Olivia Dickinson

Producer - Freelance

Olivia Dickinson

Olivia Dickinson has over 10 years’ experience creating and testing digital content for children, having worked at Amazon, the BBC and Nickelodeon. She has an MA in Early Childhood Studies and specialises in usability and interactive content for young children, with a particular passion and skill for user testing with pre-schoolers. She also trains up teams on how best to conduct audience research and user testing with children and families, as well as offering creative facilitation, copyediting and copywriting.


Olivia's Sessions

Are We Safe Yet?

Thursday 05 July 2012 3:40pm-4:40pm
Twelve months after the recommendations of the Bailey report, what progress has been made in the online industry on internet safety for children?

Ten Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years

Thursday 04 July 2013 1:00pm-1:45pm
How kids play, learn and develop, and the foundations of good design are constants that can inform and inspire each other, whatever the platform and whenever they’re applied.

Wednesday Workshop: Collaborating with Kids

Wednesday 02 July 2014 1:00pm-5:00pm
Experts, including writers, user-researchers, theatre producers and Sheffield kids share experiences of building IP and projects with young people who also benefit from the creative process.