July 2010

CMC 2010: Making Education Playful

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 10:14am

The changing market for learning content. Gurus of playful learning on what it looks like and what it means in practice. Moderator: Jocelyn Stevenson, Creative Director, TT Animation Speakers: Stephanie Barton, MD, Children’s, Penguin Jane Burton, Head of Content and Creative Director, Tate Media John Millner, Executive Producer, 15-19 Learning , BBC Learning Derek Robertson, National Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Learning, Learning and Teaching Scotland Amy Sanders, Project Manager, Special Projects, Wellcome Trust Alice Taylor, Commissioning Editor Education, Channel 4  It wasn’t exactly planned, but starting a session with an audio clip of a character shouting “Look at that! A massive vagina!” was certainly a way to get the delegates attention! And I’m guessing we probably have yours now…

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CMC 2010: Get Smart with your Brand

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 9:02am

Which gaming platform is right for your brand and how can you use games and apps to make money? Moderator: Jamie Cason, MD, Avril Digital Speakers Dan Efergan, Creative Director of Digital , Aardman Animations Jamie MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Codemasters Studios Maurice Suckling, Co-founder, The Mustard Corporation James Whitmarsh, Mobile Product Manager , Turner EMEA Cinema 2 was all soft lighting, soft edges and stippling on the ceiling – a kind space for first thing on the morning after the night before (yes, you’ve caught us out – these blogs aren’t exactly being uploaded in the right order…) Jamie Cason was equally kind and without a spot of stippling.But he wasn’t going to let everyone slumber in the back…

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CMC 2010: Girl Gamers

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 8:52am

Sleepover research reveals how girls interact with technology and gaming. Moderator: Shazia Ali, Research Consultant, Mint Research Speakers: Nicki Karet, MD, Sherbert Research Emma Worrollo, Sherbert Research Sleepovers are a growing trend for tween girls and boys with some tweens attending one up to once a week. They’re popular with parents too; keeping their kids safe at home. This has led Sherbert to develop a ‘sleepover approach’ to their work - no parents and no researchers, just the tweens with a camera and a number of tasks to carry out over the evening at their own pace. It offers a rich way of getting information and entering the tween world. They’re given lots of time to do creative tasks, they…

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CMC 2010: Meet the Commissioners – New Directions

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 8:40am

A mix of commissioners and advisors from a range of territories and outlets. Moderator: Anna-Lisa Jenaer, Writer and Consultant, Freelance Speakers: Siwan Jobbins, Senior Producer, Dinamo Productions & CBBC Gráinne McNamara, Head of International Development, Telegael Vicky Schroderus, Children’s Acquisition Executive , Y.L.E. Finland’s YLE offers has a market share of 45% (2-3 year old) and 19% (7-12 year olds). YLE 2 is the main children’s channel. YLE also offers an internet service and a catch-up service which is used by children a lot. 700,000 children between 2-12 years old live in Finland. They tend to watch TV for just one hour but they use the internet a lot with 93% of all households having broadband internet. YLE is looking…

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CMC 2010: Development 101

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 8:16am

A multi-discipline panel discuss how to get the development process right. Moderator: Matt Locke, Acting Head of Cross Platform, Channel 4 Speakers Mellie Buse, Company Director, Adastra Creative Carl Draper, Senior Development Producer , BBC Children’s Multiplatform David Hodgson, Director, Pesky Barbara Slade, Writer/Creator/Producer, Blue Arrow Productions If you’re going to be successful in development you need tenacity and you have to be prepared to live on the bread line for a while. All the speakers agreed development can be a very difficult and frustrating process. David Hodgson (Pesky) said money is a real issue. His company created the 78 part BAFTA award winning ‘Amazing Adrenalini Brothers’. He said the problem was they were so busy for three years making…

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CMC 2010: Ka-Boom!

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 8:08am

Are graphic novels and comics for young people experiencing a renaissance in the UK? Moderator: Paul Gravett, International Comics Ambassador, Comica Festival Speakers: David Almond, Author Esther Bircham, MD, Pulp Theatre Jamie Smart, Comic Book Artist Lizzie Spratt, Commissioning Editor, Walker Books A well-represented panel of speakers came together in this session to cast an expert eye over the growing world of comics and graphic novels. Paul Gravett, who is often described as an international comics ambassador, shared a selection of images from some of his favourite comics and graphic novels, including ‘Aya’ which set in the Ivory Coast and is soon to be animated and ‘MeZolith’, which Paul described as one of the most spectacularly drawn graphic novels in…

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CMC 2010: The Prix Jeunesse Suitcase

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 7:47am

All-new inspiring and intriguing clips from the 2010 international children’s TV festival! Host: David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media Wow! Talk about an all-you-can-eat smorgasboard of children’s TV from around the world. Here’s a taste of what was on offer….. The high energy Shine (NHK) adopted a traditional Japanese game show format, using games, short clips and songs to get children thinking in the morning. German winner of Up to Six Fiction category, The Boy and the Beast (ZDF), was a one-off programme that helped children cope with divorce, by showing a boy undergo the trials and tribulations of living with a mother who had turned into a monster. The winner of the Diversity Prize, La Lleva,…

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CMC 2010: Beating Embedded Behaviour

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 6:57am

Understanding real drivers and real shifts of behavioural change in children through video ethnographic research. Moderator: Shazia Ali, Research Consultant, Mint Research Speaker: Sarah Pearson, Managing Partner, Actual Customer Behaviour (ACB) LLP Consumption of Video on Demand (VoD) services is a hot topic for many in the industry, which is why a consortium of broadcasters commissioned a three year ethnographic study with ACB to provide insights on actual rather than ‘claimed’ behaviour. The study involved lots of video cameras in households over extended periods, allowing them to capture what people were watching and what their reaction were. The first key point is that PVR’s are the future with 75% of households expected to have one by 2013. All the households…

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CMC 2010: Breakfast with David Almond

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 6:39am

For some of the brave early-risers on this last day of the conference, the damp Sheffield morning greeted them with a special informal breakfast session with acclaimed children’s author David Almond. David shared his thoughts on the enormously positive reception his book “Skellig” has had since its release, what he’s been up to lately, and why it’s such a wonderful thing to write for children. He charmed the delegates with the story of one unexpected ‘adaptation’ of his book - once, after he had just finished talking about the story at a primary school, a group of young boys came up to him. They looked at him, and he looked back at them, and then they said, “Right,that was brilliant!…

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CMC 2010: The Show Must Go On

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 6:27am

Brand owners, venue operators and live event producers consider the challenges and advantages of taking a brand into the live space in creative terms and with monetisation in mind. Speakers Will Brenton, Director, Wish Films Mike Godolphin, Head of Entertainment, Butlins Lisbeth Moon, Director of New Ventures, Innovision Craig Stanley, General Manager of Live Entertainment and Events, BBC Worldwide Live events are an important part of brand strategy. According to Lisbeth Moon, a brand is much more than a product – it is something that can create an emotional tie. It can be a collection of perceptions in our minds and hearts. In this highly competitive arena, you have to differentiate yourself. It’s important to ask what’s unique about your…

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CMC 2010: What are Children Worth?

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 6:02am

Marketing to children in the digital age: the ethical boundaries around online marketing to kids. Moderator: Jesse Cleverly, Creative Director, Connective Media Speakers Miles Bullough, Head of Broadcast, Aardman Animation Michael Carrington, Chief Content Officer, EMEA, Turner Broadcasting Ian Douthwaite, MD, Dubit Jacqueline Harding, Director, Tomorrow’s Child and Rae Burdon, Consultant -formerly the Advertising Association The panel discussed the pitfalls and opportunities of online marketing and the ethical guidelines for producers. Asked to describe the likely landscape of online marketing in 5 years time, Michael Carrington of Turner Broadcasting said he thinks we are already there. He reckons marketing was and continues to be storytelling. Children have all the devices and we need to there with our products. The…

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CMC 2010: Meet the Commissioners – Turner

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 5:19am

News and information on Turner Broadcasting’s UK portfolio of children’s channels commissioning needs. Moderator: Anthony Utley, MD, LiveFrame Studios Speakers: Michael Carrington, Chief Content Officer, EMEA, Turner Broadcasting Daniel Lennard, Vice President of Original Series & Development, EMEA, Turner Broadcasting Cecilia Persson, Vice President of Acquisitions, EMEA, Turner Broadcasting Turner channels reach 140 million homes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with a portfolio made up of Cartoon Network (boys 6 - 12) Boomerang (3 - 6s + Families) Cartoonito (2 - 5’s Pre-school) and Boing (General Entertainment Children’s channel 3-14). Looking For: Boomerang (3-6 + Families) Safe nursery content Classic cartoons (pink panther and pals and new garfield are recent commissions) Cartoon Network (6 - 12 boys) Small…

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CMC 2010: The Anatomy of Success

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 4:57am

Mapping the DNA of a winning children’s property. A creative and commercial perspective on the key factors for success in a challenging marketplace. Moderator: Nick Underwood, Commercial Director, Open Mind Productions Speakers: Ken Anderson, CEO and Creative Director, Red Kite Yvonne Body, Head of Co-productions and Acquisitions, Beyond Distribution John Carolan, Buying Manager, Sainsbury’s David Riley, Managing Director, The Egmont Publishing Group Barbara Robinson, Category Manager, Mothercare Neil Ross-Russell, Managing Director Children’s and Licensing, BBC Worldwide Rob Wijeratna, Joint MD, Rocket Licensing With a panel of experts drawn from backgrounds that represent the various potential stages in the life cycle of a project, this session examined what exactly makes for a winning, successful children’s property. Ken Anderson, producer at Red…

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CMC 2010: True Stories about Transmedia

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 4:46am

An expert guide to the complex task of designing immersive story world Moderator:Anna Rafferty, Editor, Penguin Digital Speakers: Matt Costello, Writer/producer Phil Davies, Producer, Astley, Baker, Davies and the Elf Factory Adrian Hon, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Six to Start Alice Taylor, Commissioning Editor Education, Channel 4  Just when you manage to get your head around media, multimedia, new media, interactive media, cross media and so on…along comes a whole new concept. In this case TRANSMEDIA – namely content that’s invasive and fully permeates the audience’s lifestyle. Adrian Hon’s company Six to Start knows what it’s all about. Adrian has been interested in transmedia ever since he saw a trailer for the Steven Spielberg film AI and spotted the…

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CMC 2010: Growing Up Globally

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 4:26am

Is it different now? Is it different elsewhere? An international snapshot of children’s development and behaviour today. Moderator: Gary Pope, Director, Kids Industries Speakers: Stacey Matthias, Partner, Insight Research Group Frank Klasen, Programme Strategy, Children’s Department, Super RTL Christopher Skala, SVP Original Programming, HIT Entertainment Now, more than ever, screen time is impacting on how children experience the world. Stacey Matthias (Insight Kids) spoke about her research with more than 6,000 children around the world, and the implications of her findings for producers. Using the milestones of 4, 7 and 11, Stacey looked at the social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of children, pointing out that as content producers, we provide structure and positive reinforcement in addition to what kids get…

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CMC 2010: Meet the Commissioners – Learning

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 4:21am

The BBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel and Teachers TV outline their commissioning strategies and explain how they commission content from independents in the UK. Moderator: Sue Nott, Executive Producer Independents, CBBC Drama Speakers: Ayoub El-Gaidi, Online and Multimedia Manager, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel David Libbert, Creative Director, Teachers TV Sarah Miller, Commissioner, Formal Learning, BBC Learning Alice Taylor, Commissioning Editor Education, Channel 4 There are opportunities for indies in the Learning Sector according to the commissioners at today’s session, but as always budgets are tight. Sarah Miller (BBC) told delegates it’s a time of great change in BBC Learning especially with the move to Salford. She said Saul Nasse, the new controller of BBC Learning will announce his…

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CMC 2010: Meet the Commissioners – Broadcasters

Posted on: Friday 02 July 2010 4:08am

Four Key UK Broadcasters tell you exactly what they’re looking for to fill their schedules. Moderator: Jamie Badminton, Creative Director, Karrot Animation Speakers Debbie MacDonald, VP, Programming Director, Nickelodeon UK Paul Robinson, MD, KidsCo Orion Ross, Vice President, Original Series, Disney Channels EMEA Emma Tennant, Controller of Digital Channels, ITV Jo Twist, Commissioning Editor for Education , Channel 4 CITV CITV is the biggest commercial kids channel in the UK. It is split into two areas - CITV (4 - 10s) and recently rebranded mini CITV (3 - 6s) Ethos - Adventurous, involving, getting messy and having fun. It’s like your best mate who sits at the back of the class and gets you into trouble! Looking for: More children…

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CMC 2010: Show Me the Funny!

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 1:20pm

Can UK Kids’ Comedy Compete with Hannah, Carly, and Jonas? Speakers: Steven Andrew, Head of Production, CBBC Laurence Bowen, Co-founder, Feelgood Fiction Debbie MacDonald, VP, Programming Director, Nickelodeon UK Alison Warner, VP, Distribution, Cookie Jar Entertainment Andy Watts, Writer Hehehe, cinema two was overflowing: people had to be turned away. But they found me a special chair because I am The Blogger! I think that’s what they called me. So…..can UK Kids’ Comedy Compete with Hannah, Carly, and Jonas? The general consensus was YES. BUT US comedy is BIG BUSINESS while the UK’s is a cottage industry. Should we make our characters aspirational (shiny, successful celebrities)? Lawrence moved My Life As A Popat across the Atlantic to become My Life…

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CMC 2010: Reform or Revolution: A new blueprint for children’s media

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 12:50pm

For the last five years children’s media professionals have been preoccupied with the debate surrounding the break-up of the old BBC/ITV duopoly and the seismic shifts which followed. This session jettisons some of the baggage from that debate and looks to the future. Moderator: Maggie Brown, Media Writer, Guardian Speakers Joe Godwin, Director, BBC Children’s David Graham, CEO, Attentional Ltd Lyndsay Grant, Senior Researcher, Futurelab Jayne Kirkham, Writer/Producer, Brown & Sticky Productions David Kleeman, President, AmericanCenter for Children and Media Jeanette Steemers, Professor of Media and Communications, , (CAMRI) University of Westminster Mike Watts, Chair PACT Children’s Committee and Producer, Novel Entertainment David Graham thinks our new Government will, at some point, want to define the public service remit more…

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CMC 2010: Making an Impact

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 12:07pm

Case studies of innovative projects which aim to “give something back” to kids. Introduced by: Ben Evans, BBC Children’s Multiplatform Speakers Michael Acton Smith, CEO, Moshi Monsters Liz Davies, Production Manager, Living Paintings Liam Midwood, Editor, Living Paintings Emma Monks, Senior Manager, Moderation & Safety, Habbo Hotel Josh Selig, Founder and President, Little Airplane Productions Lucy Willis, Executive Producer, Raw TV For many, dealing with the ‘why’ of making media for kids is the tricky bit. What role does media play in the bigger picture of kids’ lives, dreams and aspirations? What kind of an impact can it have on them? This session sought to answer these questions by sharing five examples of innovative media projects that went above and…

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CMC 2010: Working with Kids

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 11:13am

Sarah Thane CBE outlines the findings of her review into the reform of the child licensing regulations which could have significant impacts on the work of children’s content production if they become law. The session also provides a brief run-down on the new guidelines for the vetting procedures which will replace CRB checks. Moderator: Keith Arrowsmith, Sprecher Grier Halberstam LLP Speaker Sarah Thane, Consultant For any of the delegates who work directly with children this session was a must as it attempted to unpick the minefield of child licensing. Sarah Thane was asked by the previous Government to review the current regulations in the Children and Young Persons Act which dates back to 1963. They are widely thought to be…

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CMC 2010: Meet the Commissioners – BBC

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 11:03am

Children’s BBC has a new Director, a new Controller of CBBC and a new Controller of CBeebies so this session promises an insight into their future plans in advance of next year’s move to MediaCity, Salford. Moderator: Anthony Utley, MD, LiveFrame Studios Speakers Kay Benbow, Controller CBeebies, BBC Joe Godwin, Director, BBC Children’s Damian Kavanagh, Controller CBBC, BBC We all know and love BBC Children’s department so without further ado, we’ll get straight to what the lovely new team at the top want for CBBC and Cbeebies. The mission: unforgettable content that inspires ALL kids across the UK.It has to be relevant to the audience and it has to be memorable. So, make your drama challenging and bold and get…

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CMC 2010: The Growth of Manga

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 10:05am

Japanese comics and cartoons (manga and anime) have seen continued success in the last few years particularly amongst teens and for younger boys on TV. Platypus has conducted research to show the current usage of manga amongst children, to identify if there is a ‘thirst’ for more of this genre, and to explore how future initiatives can be implemented successfully in the UK for the younger audience. Moderator: Shazia Ali, Research Consultant, Mint Research Speakers Jo Cliff, Director, Platypus Research Session sponsor: Platypus Research The influence of Manga on international animation has grown considerably over the past two decades and it’s the fastest growing category in publishing today. Increasingly it’s being read by all ages and can cover a range…

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CMC 2010: Pre-school 101 – Insight’s Kidgredients of Success

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 9:37am

Uncovering the secrets to successful preschool media experiences - with a focus on the US market Moderator: Shazia Ali, Research Consultant, Mint Research Speakers Stacey Matthias, Partner, Insight Research Group The first research session of the conference was a cosy affair with a full house in Cinema 1.Shazia Ali kicked off the session by introducing Stacey Matthias and Jamie Betesh from Insight Research Group based in New York. Stacey was quick to explain she would prefer this session to run as a dialogue, which was handy as there were lots of questions. In the spirit of keeping the audience engaged we were all asked to smell the crayons handed out in order to prompt old memories and associations. Things like…

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CMC 2010: Never Mind the Rugrats

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 7:27am

A ‘Buzzcocks’ style look at the the news of the past year and the issues ahead, setting the scene for the conference and exploring its theme with some key industry personalities. Host: Barney Harwood, Presenter, CBBC Speakers: Bea Appleby, Editor Girl Talk, BBC Worldwide Joe Godwin, Director, BBC Children’s Tamara Littleton, CEO, eModeration Debbie MacDonald, VP, Programming Director, Nickelodeon UK Rob McMenemy, Senior VP, Egmont English Language & Central Europe John Rice, Jam Media Jeremy Salsby, Saltbeef TV Gregory Watson, MD, Fun Kids The second day started with a panel game, Never Mind the Rugrats, aimed at setting out the challenges of the future for producers by looking at what children really like. But first the big kids (ie the…

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CMC 2010: Express Yourself!

Posted on: Thursday 01 July 2010 5:57am

The opening day of this year’s CMC ended in the traditional way with an evening of food and wine at Pizza Express on Devonshire Street, the very place where the conference was first hatched some 7 years ago. It was all quite respectable – with no fights and no-one getting too drunk (though some were well on their way)! It was the perfect setting for catching up with old friends and making new ones. After an afternoon packed with workshops, the conference attendees were hungry to say the least and this blog can exclusively reveal that a massive 198 pizzas were quickly polished off! The added treat was that Henry Winkler came too – it’s not often you get the…

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June 2010

CMC 2010: Wednesday Workshop – Co-pro Clinic

Posted on: Wednesday 30 June 2010 6:05pm

The International Co-pro Clinic provided delegates with everything they need to know about finding funding, building a co-production deal and managing multiple partners for a successful creative and business outcome. Hosts: Sarah Baynes, Director, The CreativeGarden  Gary Pope, Director, Kids Industries   Speakers and experts: Andrew Baker, MD, Anne Brogan, Director, Kindle Entertainment Lynn Chadwick, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Distribution, Nelvana Enterprises Jo Daris, EVP Business Development, Studio 100 Genevieve Dexter, Partner & Commercial Director, Cake Entertainment Nigel Goddard, Digital & Creative Sector Specialist , UKTI Yorkshire and the Humber  Lenora Hume, EVP Production & Programming, HIT Entertainment Catherine Kelly, Director, Headway Media Dennis Kostyk, CEO, Kostyk Communications Inc Gráinne McNamara, Head of International Development, Telegael Tim Morley,…

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CMC 2010: The CMC Keynote – Henry Winkler

Posted on: Wednesday 30 June 2010 3:17pm

Children’s author, actor, director and producer, Henry Winkler is known to many as the unforgettable ‘Fonz’ of Happy Days fame. He is also an advocate for children’s rights, having co-authored 17 children’s books on the subject in the popular series Hank Zipzer - The World’s Greatest Underachiever. An impassioned speaker on enabling and empowering young people, Henry explored the 2010 conference theme: ‘New decade, new challenges. How children’s media can make a positive impact on kids’ lives’. Henry Winkler: son, husband, father, dog owner, actor, producer, director, children’s novelist and classed as being in the bottom 3 percent academically, at least in the USA. For Henry the schoolboy, everything was hard, but at least he was great at lunch. So…

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CMC 2010: Wednesday Workshop – Monetising Digital Platforms

Posted on: Wednesday 30 June 2010 3:12pm

Focusing on revenue generation and opportunities in cross-media exploitation, the workshop will offer case-studies of specific projects, and then examine how concepts can be developed with monetisation in mind.   Hosts: Peter Cowley, Digital media consultant & former MD of Digital Media, Endemol UK Justin Judd, MD, i-Rights How can we make money from digital platforms? Well, according to Justin and Peter, to answer this we need to think back to the boom. It was the start of the digital era as a mass proposition. The players that have emerged in the last few years are those who have embraced this notion: Google, Apple, eBay, I-Tunes, Facebook. These are all true digital brands. In terms of Children’s media, Club…

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CMC 2010: Opening Drinks in Showroom Bar

Posted on: Wednesday 30 June 2010 2:42pm

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